Powerassisted steering

Visual inspection for leaks and checking the fluid level


Insufficient oil in the hydraulic system causes damage to the power-assisted steering. As a result of the high oil pressure in hydraulic system, even small leaks can lead to a drain on the fluid and damage the servo pump.

Grunting noises when locking the steering or foam in the reservoir indicate lack of oil and/or aspirated air. Before filling the reservoir, however, any leaks on the intake side must be repaired and the faulty part replaced on the pressure side.


The tension of the toothed belt is not adjustable but check its condition.

Check the steering system for leaks (visual inspection)

With the engine at idle, turn the steering wheel to the stop and hold it there. This causes the greatest possible line pressure to build up.

Check all line connections for leaks in this position, tighten if necessary.

Carry out this test for max. 10 s. If the test period is longer, make a short pause after approx. 10 s.

Check the fluid level for the power-assisted steering

The reservoir with a transparent upper part is installed on the right-hand side of the engine compartment. With the engine at idle, check the ATF-fluid (ATF-Dexron II D) without moving the steering. The correct level is between the min. and max. marks on the reservoir.

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