Use a spot facer to cut protruding valve guides from the camshaft side until the valve guides are flush with the cylinder head. Apply a short hammer blow to the valve guides and press out remains of valve guides towards combustion chamber using a suitable press.

2. Machine outer diameter of valve guides on a lathe to match diameter of bore in cylinder head. Experience has shown that usual value for machining is: 13.08 to 13.09.

Press fit for inlet and exhaust valve guides must be 0.06 to 0.08 mm.

3. Apply a coat of tallow to machined valve guides and press into cylinder head from camshaft side, using a shop-made mandrel.

4. Using a broach or a fine boring tool, bore to dimension "g" = 9.00 to 9.015 mm. If required, the valve guides may also be reworked with a suitable reamer. Important: To press the valve guides into place and to rework them, position and/or chuck the cylinder head at the correct angle. After having replaced the valve guides, check seating surface of valve seats and rework valve seats if required.


Removal of the valve guides causes the valve guide bores in the cylinder head to be enlarged slightly.

When fitting new valve guides, use suitable oversize guides and fit them in place accordingly (refer to dimensional chart).

1. Measure bores for fitting of valve guides.

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