Removing and installing generator

Removing generator No. Operation

Disconnect battery

Take off V-belt Press off fan wheel


Unscrew negative terminal from battery and cover terminal.

Take off protective cap. Undo hexagon head nut (24 mm A/F), using a multi-tooth wrench (included in car tool kit) to lock.

Press fan wheel off generator, using puller VW 202 if required. Adjust both puller hooks as required.

Installing generator

No. Operation

1 Fit generator into cooling fan housing

2 Fit fan wheel for generator cooling

3 Fit air guide shroud

Reconnect ground cable

Align cooling fan housing with crankcase


Install generator. Make sure the connections for terminal B+ and terminal D+ are positioned opposite the TDC line mark (located on the edge of the cooling fan housing).

Apply a thin coat of Loctite 270 to generator shaft threads and tighten to 14 ± 1 Nm (10 ± 0.73 ftlb.).

Apply grease to rubber grommet of generator wiring harness, e.g. Contifix tire assembly compound, to facilitate fitting of the air guide shroud. Push cutout of air guide shroud into rubber grommet and and screw air guide shroud into place using 4 fastening nuts.

Locate ground cable on studs provided on crankcase and tighten to 23 Nm (17 ftlb.).

Place cooling fan housing onto locating pin on crankcase. Push cooling fan housing up to the stop (in direction of travel) and tighten retaining strap at the same time.

Note: When the generator is fitted correctly, the wiring harness must exit from the air guide shroud towards the right (in direction of travel)!

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