Removing and installing the starter

Tiptronic vehicles


1. Disconnect battery ground cable.

2. Remove engine-transmission underbody cladding

Assembly work - left side

1. Undo the universal shaft at the flange of the differential and disconnect.

2. Remove heating hose.

3. Disconnect selector lever cord pull.

4. Undo holder for selector lever cord pull and disconnect completely.


5. Unlock cable holder, remove plug-in connection and disconnect.

Carrera 2 Addendum Starter, power supply, cruise control

6. Undo and remove stabilizer.

7. Place a transmission jack under the transmission support and undo fixing screws (6 ea.).

8. Carefully lower transmission by approx. 5 cm.

9. Undo the hexagon socket screw of the upper starter mounting over the transmission case from the left side with a 3/8 inch ratchet and 8 mm INHEX insert

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