Sealing the crankcase mating sections

Use only Loctite 574 to seal.

Loctite 574 hardens only when contact with metal is made and air ingress is prevented. After having applied the sealant, bolt up the crankcase sections within approx. 10 minutes since the sealant bead applied directly to the metal surface will otherwise start to cure.

Removing old sealant

In case of repairs, the old sealant coat must not necessarily be removed. It is sufficient to de-grease the surface and apply the new coat of sealant after the solvent has evaporated.

New Loctite will soften the old sealant embedded in the machining marks and will cure after assembly.

Should it be required to remove the old sealant, it isrecommended to use a fine-mesh wire brush or Loctite adhesive remover 80646.

Applying sealant

1. For manual application, it is recommended to use a short-pile paint roller and to pour the sealant into a dish with grooves at its circumference (for squeezing excess sealant off the roller).

2. Apply a uniform coat of Loctite 574 sealant to the left-hand crankcase section using the paint roller. Use a small paint brush to apply sealant to the areas around the bolt holes.

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