Throttle control

Check bowden cables, linkages, joints for smooth operation. Check the tuning flap and full-throttle position.

Checking the tuning flap:

Each time the ignition is switched on, the tuning flap is opened and closed once by a vacuum.

The opening and closing noise can be heard in the engine compartment.

Hydraulic clutch control:

Visual inspection for leakage, check final position of the pedal

The clutch pedal has no stop. It is in its initial position when the master cylinder is in its initial posi-The push rod cannot be adjusted.

The preload on the servo spring, however, can be adjusted. The servo spring must fulfill 2 functions: to assist the pedal force and return the pedal.

If the clutch pedal does not return correctly, reduce the preload on the servo spring slightly. To do this, undo Allen screw No. 1 slightly until you can find a good compromise between return and pedal-force assistance.

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