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Disconnect battery from vehicle electrical system before boost-charging battery.

Battery installation

If battery has been removed, both leads must be properly secured to battery terminals on reinstallation.

*) (ABS testing with

Bosch K7-ETT 016.00 or VAG 1516 ABS-Testing Unit).

**) Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the hydraulic unit or electronic control unit.

Assisted start

Do not use a boost battery charger to start engine.

Hydraulic Boosted Controls


The control unit is located against the wheel housing in the driver's side (left) footwell (above the central warning unit).

The ABS relay is located on the CEB -Model Year '84: relay No. XI Model Year '85: relay No. XVII.

The hydraulic unit is located under the front left fender in the opening leading from the wheel housing to the engine compartment.

Brake line connections are accessible from the engine compartment.

The pump motor, complete with pump motor relay and solenoid valve relay with electrical connections, is accessible from the wheel housing side after removal of the cover plate.

7 — Relay for solenoid valves

Gozanti Cruiser

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