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When working on vehicles with ABS the following must be observed:

Multiple-pin plug in electronic control unit

Never disconnect or connect the multi-pin plug from the electronic control unit with ignition switched on.


Disconnect plug from electronic control unit before carrying out any welding operations with an electric welder.


During painting operations, the electronic control unit may be exposed briefly up to 95 °C max. and for a longer period (approx, 2 hours) up to 85 °C max.

Function testing

A simple function test is all that is necessary after repairs to components of the braking system not directly related to the ABS system have been made. This means that, with the ABS system intact, the indicator lamp in the combination instrument must go out when the engine is started. Operations of this nature include changing or reconditioning of brake linings, brake hoses, brake discs, brake assemblies, tandem master cylinders, brake cables and parking brake components, together with brake lines not connected to the hydraulic unit.

If operations are carried out on the hydraulic unit (\ **), electronic control unit (*, **), speed sensors or cable set, or if any assemblies are replaced in the course of e.g. accident repairs, a function test must be carried out with the ABS test unit (* in conjunction with a brake test on a brake dynamometer).

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