Locations Of Components 928 Seires

The solenoid vaive and pump motor relays are located on the hydraulic unit.

1 - Solenoid valve relay

3 — 12-pole wiring harness plug

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Fuse For Abs Hydraulic Pump Abs Hydraulic Pump Porsche


The control unit is located against the wheel housing in the passenger's side (right) footwell.

Right Rear Abs Solenoid

The ABS relay is located on the central electric relay G 20.

The hydraulic unit is installed in the rear of the right front fender.

Right Rear Abs Solenoid

The solenoid valve and pump motor relay are located on the hydraulic unit.

— Solenoid valve relay

2 - Pump motor relay

3 - B*&o pressure regulator

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Adapter lead, to connect to ABS Test Unit, Order No. 1 684 460 120 Note: adapter lead cannot be -

No. 928.615.124.00 (relay with fuse, '84 models) or must be utn f 6t c4 01 (re,aV WÎth°Ut fuse' '85 awards)

must be used for Test Stage 5 as laid down in the Testing Program.

Additional test equipment and tools required:

Brake dynamometer Standard tools and instruments and°2 flat p^ T^T^ 60 ^ With 2 »

The test lead must be used for testing the control unit plug. Plug terminal designations

Control unit multiple-pin plug, looking towards plug terminals.

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\\ ia 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 1Q 9 a 7 6 S 4 3 2 1 /-'


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