Brake Piston Installing Information

Brake cylinder paste Unisilkon TK 44 N2 from Kl ber must be used for the installation of brake calipers. This is also applicable for all brake calipers retroactively in the repair sector. This paste is available from Parts in 50 gram tubes. Brake pad wear is monitored on all brake pads lor front and rear wheels. The electric lead is fitted with two wear elements for each brake caliper. Installation of Wear Monitoring Lead - Clip wear elements in brake pads after opening the cross spring. Work...

Balancing Seat Heating

- Voltmeter with internal resistance equal to or greater than M i2 with max. 2 mm dia. test probes - Connecting lead made locally Balancing requires connection of the removed seat on battery voltage terminals 15 and 31, see wiring diagram . - The seat being balanced should be left in the workshop so long, until it has reached the ambient temperature. - Connect seat on battery voltage. Do not switch on seat heating I If heating is switched on by mistake, let the seat cool off again until its...

Rubberlined polyamide pipes however can no longer be handled In the same manner as rubber hoses

Bending the pipes would damage the parts permanently. 2. Polyamide pipes may not be clamped shut neither for troubleshooting the fuel system nor tor replacement of components. Clamping would damage a polyamide pipe permanently. 3. Connectors are pressed in with a great amount of force in the production of polyamide pipes. Repairing these parts is not possible. In such cases it will always be necessary to replace the entire hose with connectors. Sleeves 2 ,...

Silencers for Front Wheel Brake Calipers 36 44 mm Piston Diameter

Two silencers with retaining springs for each brake piston are used on the front wheel brake calipers to reduce brake noise can also be service installed in cars beginning with 1986 models . Silencers may only be installed together with brake pads without asbestos. Total pad thickness of these brake pads is 17.5 mm. The silencer plates must be replaced, when the brake pads are exchanged.

Wiring Diagram of Ignition Circuit Monitoring Relay

Term. 87 - From LH-Jetronic relay of CEL Term. AL - To LH control unit term. 28 Term. E2 E2 - To from thermo elements Term. E1 - Ignition circuit I cyl. 4 Term. E 2 - Ignition circuit II cyl. 8 Term. A1 - To fuel injectors for cyl. 1-4-6-7 ignition circuit I Term. A2 - To fuel injectors for cyl. 2-3-5-8 ignition circuit II ZK1 ZK2 - Light emitting diodes for ignition circuit failure indicator red green