ATF Primary Pump with Plain Bearings

Special plain bearings are now used for the primary pump. The ATF pumps supplied across our spares scheme are modified to this improved version. Secondary Pump Discontinued The secondary pump in the automatic transmission A28 18 is discontinued. The engine can therefore no longer be started by towing or by engaging a gear while the vehicle is coasting downhill. Maximum towing speed must not exceed 50 km h ( 31 mph), and the towing distance must not exceed 50 kilometers ( 31 miles). When towing...

Manual Transmission G2857

Modifications to the Five-Speed Manual Transmission G28 57 t - Transmission housing (and rear cover) have fittings for external transmission oil coolers 2 - Modified countershaft ratio 3 - Reinforced drive shaft drive pinion bearings 4 - Improved countershaft needle-roiler and cage assembly. 5 - Ground drive pinion ring gear teeth 6 - Oil deflector drilled drive pinion 7 - Modified disc packs of transverse lock 0 - Transmission breather Longitudinal Section of Manual Transmission G28 57

Transmission Numbers

Type Vehicle Type G 28 57 3 000001. .999999 G 28 57 928 GTS Manual transm. worldwide A 28 18 3 000001 999999 A 28 18 928 GTS Automatic transm. worldwide Index for versions within the assemblies (PSD) Transmission type Testing conditions Engine speed rpm CO level In - with cat. conv. at Idle speed CO level in at idle speed Testing conditions

Radiator Fan Control Unit

Improvements were made to the control unit of both radiator fans. If full fan output is required, the radiator fans receive full system voltage. On older control units, even in the final stage system voltage was supplied to the fan motors only in a cyclic sequence. Two intake hoses are fitted between the front end and the air cleaner system located behind the engine. Those hoses are designed to duct fresh cold air from the front end across the hot engine to the air cleaner. All 928 GTS vehicles...


Sherman Tank Engine Ford

Fuel and Ignition System Transmission Running Gear Body Featuring an output of 257 kW 350 HP and a max. torque of 500 Nm, 369 ft-lb the eight-cylinder engine of the 928 GTS with four valves per cylinder is the most powerful standard Porsche engine. To increase the displacement to 5.4 liters, a modified crankshaft with a stroke of 85.9 mm is now fitted. The piston diameter of 100 mm was retained. Thanks to extensive use of light alloys for engine block, cylinder heads and engine housing, the...


Autom Viles Inteligentes

This Model information gives a detailed overview of the modifications introduced for the eight cylinder Porsche vehicles Important modifications for Model Year 1992 New model designation 928 GTS Displacement increased to 5397 c.c. Output raised to 257 kW 350 HP Clutch with increased contact force Reinforced manual transmission with oil cooler iri front end Revised automatic transmission with adapted shift program New 17-inch wheel generation Cup - design The part numbers published In this...

Running Gear

Textar 4045

The track width of the rear axle was increased from 1546 mm to 1616 mm To achieve this wider track, a 38 mm spacer is fitted on the left-hand and right-hand side of the vehicle. The rim offset of the wheel is reduced by 2.7 mm to result in an overall track increase of approx. 70 mm The front brakes are enlarged to account for the improved output of the vehicle. The brake disc diameter now is 322 mm was 304 mm . The brake disc incorporates involute-type vent slots. The brake caliper was modified...

Porsche 928gts 5 4 G28

Porsche 993 Repair Manual

Modifications to Transmission Housing and Rear Cover The transmission housing now features fittings for the connection lines to the radiator in the front end of the vehicle. Modified Transmission Breather Location The transmission breather in the upper transmission cover has been discontinued and is now replaced by a newly developed breather in the rear part of the transmission arrow . Observe correct installation position When seen in the direction of travel, the vent hole must point to the...