AC blower resistor pack testing

The A/C blower resistor pack, located in a compartment behind the passenger side footrest, is also referred to as the bimetallic switch.

— If the evaporator blower works at the maximum setting, but not in A/C blower switch positions II and III, test resistor pack.

• Detach harness connector at resistor pack.

• With ignition switch on and blower switch in position II, there should be battery voltage at harness connector red/green wire.

• With ignition on and blower switch in position III there should be battery voltage at harness connector red/black wire.

• If voltage is present and blower does not operate In the lower speeds, blower resistor pack is faulty and should be replaced.

• If voltage is not present in either switch setting, check for damaged wires or connectors or a faulty A/C blower switch.

1984 Fleetwood Blower Resistor

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