AC inspection and tests

Periodic inspections will help keep the A/C operating at its peak. There are almost always small leaks in the system that will require that it eventually be recharged with R-12. The V-belt that drives the compressor is subject to wear. The condenser fins can become bent or covered with debris, reducing airflow and raising system pressure to damaging levels.

Run the air conditioning system for a few minutes every few weeks to keep the seals lubricated.

Clean any debris or bugs from the front of the condenser. Straighten any bent fins using a fin comb. Check the fresh air intake for obstructions. Inspect the compressor, the hoses, and all visible components for any oil leaks. These leaks are often seen at the bottom side of the fittings and components. Inspect the wiring to the compressor clutch. Check the compressor mountings for tightness, and check the condition and tension of the V-belt as described later.

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