AC service

• Removal and installation of A/C console mounted switches is covered in 680 Interior Trim.

• For further information on the ventilation system, refer to the following groups: 801 Heater and 850 Ventilation.

• The A/C system is separate from the heating and ventilation system and uses its own blower motor.

A/C service and repair requires special equipment and knowledge. Incorrect procedures may not only damage the system, but also may be hazardous. Pressures in excess of 300 psi are created in the system when it is operating. The refrigerant used (R-12) is not poisonous, but in vapor form it can accumulate in areas with poor ventilation and cause suffocation. Also, in vapor or liquid form, R-12 can immediately freeze anything it contacts, including eyes and skin.

Although tests can determine A/C efficiency, it is recommended that all service to the system be left to an authorized Porsche dealer or other qualified repair shop. Some diagnostic and troubleshooting information for A/C components is provided in 800 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning-General.

Dismounting of the A/C compressor and the condenser, without disconnecting the hoses, is covered as part of the engine removal procedure in 101 Engine Removal and Installation. If any of the hoses or components are disconnected and the system is opened, special equipment will be needed to remove moisture from the system before it can be closed up and refilled with refrigerant and refrigerant oil.

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