AC system pressure testing

Test system pressure at an engine speed of 2,000 rpm and an outside temperature of approximately 77°F (25° C). Keep engine lid closed.

A/C System Pressure

Wear eye protection when testing the system. A/C refrigerant at normal atmospheric pressures can evaporate and freeze anything it contacts.

Table b lists A/C refrigerant system capacities.

Table b. A/C System Capacities

Ocular Pressure Testing

Table b. A/C System Capacities


Oil capacity

Refrigerant (R12): Total system capacity

1350 gr. (47 oz.)

A/C lubricating oil: Compressor Evaporator Condensers Receiver/dryer

50 gr. (2.0 oz) 40 gr. (1.6 oz.) 20 gr. (0.8 oz.) 10 gr. (0.4 oz.)

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