AC warnings and cautions

Heeding the warnings and cautions will help prevent personal injury or damage to the system.

• Work in a well ventilated area. Avoid breathing refrigerant vapors. Exposure may irritate eyes, nose, and throat. Switch on exhaust/ventilation systems when working on the refrigerant system.

' Always be careful that refrigerant does not come in contact with your skin. Always wear hand and eye protection (gloves and goggles) when working around the A/C system. If refrigerant does come in contact with your skin or eyes: -Do not rub skin or eyes

-Immediately flush skin or eyes with cool water for 15 minutes

-Rush to a doctor or hospital. -Do not attempt to treat yourself.

• Refrigerant gases are heavier than air, displace oxygen and may cause suffocation in areas of poor circulation, for example under a car.

• Do not discharge/charge the A/C system without proper equipment and training. Damage to the vehicle and personal injury may result.

• The A/C system is filled with refrigerant gas which is under pressure. Pressurized refrigerant in the presence of oxygen may form a combustible mixture. Never introduce compressed air into any container (full or empty), capped off A/C component, or piece of service equipment.

• Do not expose any component of the A/C system to high temperatures (Above 80°C/176°F) or open flames. Excessive heat will cause a pressure increase which could burst the system.

• Keep refrigerant away from open flames. Poisonous gas will be produced if it burns. Do not smoke near refrigerant gases for the same reason.

• Immediately plug open connections on A/C components to prevent dirt and moisture contamination.

' Do not steam clean condensers or evaporators. Use only cold water or compressed air.

• It is recommended that all service to the A/C system refrigerant components be left to an authorized Porsche dealer or other qualified A/C service facility. If any of the refrigerant components are disconnected or removed, special equipment, supplies, and new parts will be needed to remove moisture from the system and recharge the refrigerant before it is closed back up.

• As of January 1, 1992 any person who services a motor vehicle air conditioner must, by law, be properly trained and certified, and use approved refrigerant recycling equipment. Technicians must complete an EPA-approved recycling course to be certified

• Do not top-off a partially charged refrigerant system. Discharge system, evacuate and then recharge system.

• State and local governments may have additional requirements regarding air conditioning servicing. Always comply with state and local laws.

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