Air filter element replacing

The specified maintenance intervals for replacing the air filter element are based on normal use. If the car is operated primarily in dusty conditions, the air filter should be serviced more frequently. A dirty air filter starves the engine for air, reducing power output.

The two-piece air filter housing is fastened together with spring clips around outside edge (arrows).

• To replace air filter element, unfasten clips as necessary.

— Separate air filter housing and remove filter element.

— Wipe clean inside of air filter housing using a lint-free cloth.

Install new filter, making sure that arrow on filter elements aligns with arrow on filter housing.

— Assemble air filter housing and refasten spring-clips.


When reinstalling a used air filter element, reinstall the filter in the same position that it was in before removal. Reversed installation will allow accumulated dirt to be drawn into the engine.



Spark plugs should be replaced one at a time so that the spark plug wires do not get mixed up. If all of the wires need to be removed together, label each wire so that they can be reinstalled on the correct sparkplug.

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