Automatic heating system

The automatic heating system controls the passenger compartment temperature based on the setting of the temperature control knob.

^ By comparing the passenger compartment temperature to the setting at the temperature control knob, the control module servo motor automatically opens or closes the heater control box valves to maintain the desired temperature.

Heater control module assembly

Heat Control Valve Porsche 911


Heater control module assembly


Control module with servo motor Housing Printed circuit board Rivet

Heat exchanger temperature sensor Passenger compartment temperature sensor


Printed Heat Exchangers

^ The heat exchanger temperature sensor (arrow) is used as part of the automatic heater system to automatically control heat distribution into the passenger compartment. The sensor is installed inside the left heater duct next to the transmission and prevents operation of the footwell blower motors when the engine is cold.

The passenger compartment temperature sensor monitors the passenger compartment temperature. On 1984 and 1985 cars, the sensor is located behind a trim cover in the headliner between the sun visors. On 1986 and later cars, the sensor is fitted in the dash, behind a small grille (arrow).

The temperature regulating control module is operated through the temperature control knob (arrow) and regulates the opening and closing of the heater control box valves via an integrated servo motor. The control module is located below the handbrake console.

The engine compartment blower forces air through the heat exchangers and into the passenger compartment when heat is called for at the temperature control knob. The blower is mounted on top of the engine.

Footwell blower motors provide supplemental heated air flow to the air distribution ducting. There are two footwell blower motors, located ahead of the left and right A-pillars.

1984 Porsche 911 Heating System Diagram

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