Axle Shafts

^ In a car with independent rear suspension the drive axles must be able to move with the suspension while delivering power to the wheels. To accomplish this, a constant velocity (CV) joint is located at each end of each axle shaft.

A CV joint is similar in function to the more familiar universal joint. The CV joint allows for the smooth flow of power to the drive wheels even though the final drive, axles and wheels are not lined up with each other. The advantage of the more complicated CV joint is that it operates more smoothly and can accept more radical drive axle angles than a universal joint.

CV joints were increased in size from 100 mm to 108 mm diameter in 1985. The axle shaft assembly design was also changed. Consult with an authorized Porsche dealer parts department or other experienced Porsche repair shop for upgrade information.

CV joint boots should be inspected periodically to see that they are in good condition. A damaged boot will let in dirt, and quickly destroy the joint.

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