Basic tool requirements

The basic hand tools described below can be used to accomplish most of the simple maintenance and repair tasks.

Screwdrivers. The common flat-blade type and the Phillips type will handle almost all screws used on Porsches. Two or three different sizes of each type will be required, since a screwdriver of the wrong size will damage the screw head.

A complete set of screwdrivers should also include Torx® type screwdrivers.

^ Wrenches. Wrenches come in different styles for different uses. The basic open-end wrench is the most widely used, but grips on only two sides. It can spread apart and slip off more easily. The box-end wrench has better grip, on all six sides of a nut or bolt.

A 12-point box-end can loosen a nut or bolt where there is less room for movement, while a 6-point box-end provides better grip. For hex fasteners on fluid lines, like brake lines and fuel lines, a flare-nut wrench offers the advantages of a box-end wrench with a slot that allows it to fit over the line.

The combination wrench is the most universal. It has one open-end and one box-end. 10 mm and 13 mm wrenches are the most common sizes needed. A more complete set of wrenches would include 6mm through 19 mm sizes.

Sockets. Sockets can be combined with extensions and universal joints (swivels) to reach fasteners more easily than hand wrenches. Sockets come with different drive size connections. The most common drive sizes are % in., 3/8 in., and Vz in.

Sockets come in 6-point and 12-point styles. For use with a ratchet, the 6-point offers a better grip on tight nuts and bolts. 6 mm to 19 mm sockets are the most needed sizes. Below is a list of typical bolt diameters and the corresponding wrench sizes.

Fastener Diameters and Wrench Sizes

Spark Plug Socket. A special 13/16 in. socket for spark plugs is the correct size, is deep enough to accommodate a spark plug's length, and includes a rubber insert to both protect the spark plug from damage and grip it for easier removal.


^ Pliers. Most are used for holding irregular objects, bending, or crimping. Some have special applications.

A needlenose plier is used for gripping small and poorly accessible objects, and is useful for wiring and other electrical work. A locking plier such as the Vise-Grip® is useful because of its tight grip.

Snap-ring and circlip pliers with special tipped jaws are used to remove and install snap-rings or circlips. A Channellock® or water pump plier has adjustable jaws that can be quickly changed to match the size of the object being held to give greater leverage.

^ An adjustable wrench can be a useful addition to a small tool kit. It can substitute in a pinch, if two wrenches of the same size are needed to remove a nut and bolt. Use extra care with adjustable wrenches, as they tend to loosen, slip and damage fasteners.

Compared to a wrench of the correct size, an adjustable wrench is always second best. They should only be used when the correct size wrench is not available. Choose one of average size range, about 6 to 8 inches in length.

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