Battery maintenance

^ The battery is located in the luggage compartment, on the left side. When servicing the battery, always disconnect the negative (-) cable first, and connect it last.

— Simple maintenance of the battery and its terminal connections will ensure maximum starting performance, especially in colder temperatures. For a more detailed discussion of the battery and charging system, see 270 Battery, Starter, Alternator.

A secure battery hold-down is important in order to prevent vibrations and road shock from damaging the battery internally.

Battery cable clamps should be tight. The terminals, the cable clamps, and the battery case should be clean and free of white deposits. Even a thin layer of dust containing conductive acid salts can cause battery discharge.

To remove battery corrosion, begin by disconnecting the cables. Disconnect the negative (-) cable first.


Disconnecting the battery cables erases engine control module (ECM) adaptive memory. It may be necessary to drive the car for approximately 10 minutes after reconnecting the battery to reset ECM adaptive memory and restore normal engine performance.

Clean the terminal posts and the cable clamps with a wire brush. Clean the main chassis ground terminal next to the battery.

Corrosion can be washed away with a baking soda and water solution that will neutralize the acid. Apply the solution carefully, though, since it will also neutralize the acid inside the battery. Lightly coat the outside of the terminals, hold down screw, and clamps with petroleum jelly, grease, or a commercial battery terminal corrosion inhibitor.


• Battery acid is caustic and dangerous. Take care to keep it from contacting eyes, skin, or clothing. Wear eye protection. Extinguish all smoking materials and do not work near any open flames.

• Hydrogen gas given off by the battery during charging is explosive. Do not smoke. Keep open flames away from the top of the battery, and prevent electrical sparks by turning off the battery charger before connecting or disconnecting it.


To avoid causing battery acid damage to the interior, remove battery from car before using a battery charger.

Battery electrolyte should be maintained at the correct level just above the battery plates and their separators. The correct level is approximately 5 mm (1/4 in.) above the top of battery plates or to the top of the indicator marks (if applicable). The battery plates and the indicator marks can be seen once the filler caps are removed. If the electrolyte level is low, replenish it by adding distilled water only.

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