Brake lines

Only straight metal brakes lines are available as replacements. To replace a brake line, first remove the old line from the car and measure its length. Using a new straight line of the same length, bend it to match the pattern of the old line. Each bend radius should be no smaller than about 15 mm (9/16 in.). Check that the protective coating on the brake line is not damaged after bending.

Make sure the new brake line has sufficient clearance from the body and suspension when installed, to allow for suspension bottoming and steering travel.

Brake hoses must be checked for rubber deterioration, cracking or other damage and replaced as necessary.

Tightening Torques

• Brake line to brake component.. 10 -16 Nm (7 -11 ft-lb)

♦ Brake line to brake hose 13 -16 Nm (10 -12 ft-lb)

The use of a tubing bender is highly recommended for shaping replacement brake lines. Bending brake lines by hand can cause kinks that weaken the line and restrict fluid flow. Inexpensive tubing benders are available at most auto parts stores.

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