Brake Master Cylinder And Power Booster

The master cylinder is mounted to the rear of the brake booster. The master cylinder, power booster and brake fluid reservoir are mounted in the luggage compartment.

The brake pedal operates the master cylinder via a pedal pushrod that passes through the firewall and operates a reversing lever. The reversing lever in turn operates the master cylinder/brake booster push rod. The master cylinder piston acts on the brake fluid to create pressure in the system.

The master cylinder and brake booster can be removed and installed with ordinary hand tools. Be sure to have an adequate supply of new, unopened brake fluid on hand, as bleeding the brakes, described earlier, will be necessary after installation.

Although master cylinder parts and rebuilding kits are available for most models, replacing the master cylinder as a complete unit is preferable. Whether or not it can be successfully rebuilt depends on its internal condition, which can only be determined after it is disassembled.

The brake master cylinder and power booster are removed and installed as one unit. Once removed from the car and placed on a work bench, the two components can be separated and replaced as necessary.

Porsche 928 Brake Regulator

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