Brake pad wear warning system

The brake pad wear warning system warns the driver with a light on the instrument panel when the pads are worn. This warning system should not be ignored. Failure to replace the pads soon after the light comes on may cause caliper or rotor damage that will add to the cost of repairs.

A brake pad warning sensor is used on the inner pad of each brake caliper. The pad wear sensors are plugged into the pad wear warning system. The plug for each front sensor is clipped to the side of the front strut. The plug for each rear sensor is located in a clip attached to the trailing arm.

With the ignition on and the engine stopped, the pad warning indicator light is activated via the oil pressure light circuit. The light comes on if:

• There is a short to ground anywhere in the warning circuit.

• A brake pad is worn, causing the sensor to make contact with the brake rotor while braking.

• The wire is damaged and touches ground.

The indicator light then stays on until the ignition is turned off, even if there is no longer a ground contact. If the ignition is turned off and back on, the light stays off until a ground short turns it back on again.

The plastic body of the pad wear sensor will be ground away when the brake pad wear below 2 mm (0.08 in.). Replacement of the warning sensors can be avoided by replacing the brake pads when pad thickness is 2.5 mm (0.1 in.).

Due to the extra space required by the pad wear sensor harness at each caliper, all 14 in. and most 15 in. wheels cannot be fitted to these cars.

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