Car will not start

If the engine turns over slowly or not at all, especially on cold mornings, the battery may not be sufficiently charged. Jump-starting the battery from another car may help.

Push starting (or bump starting) a car is not recommended.

Jump Starting Car Battery

Be sure to read the cautions under Jump starting car prior to boosting a low battery. Failure to follow the cautions may result in damage to the electronic components in the car.

If the engine is turning over at normal speed with the starter motor, the battery and starter are fine. Check to make sure that there is fuel in the tank. Do not rely on the fuel gauge, it may be faulty. Instead, remove the gas filler cap and rock the car. If there is gas in the tank, you should hear a sloshing sound at the filler neck. If there is plenty of fuel in the tank, see 100 Engine-General for in-depth diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures.

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