Catalytic converter checking

— Possible indications of faulty catalytic converter:

• Reduced power

• Stalling at idle

• Rattles in the exhaust system

• High exhaust emissions measured at the tailpipe.

— To visually check catalytic converter, remove muffler and check for evidence of physical damage inside converter.

— Alternatively, tap converter with a block of wood.

• If rattling noise is heard from inside, replace converter.

— Test efficiency of catalytic converter:

• Run engine until it and converter are at operating temperature.

• Using infrared thermometer, measure temperature differential at inlet and outlet of converter.

• If temperature difference is not more than approximately 55°C (100°F) replace converter.

The catalytic converter operates at a very high temperature and can cause severe burns.

Tightening Torques

• Muffler to catalytic converter (M8) 25 Nm (18 ft-lb)

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