Prior to disconnecting the battery, read the battery disconnection cautions given at the front of this manual on page vii.

— Unsnap luggage compartment floor carpet and lift off.


^ Remove fresh air blower cover retaining fasteners (arrows). Remove cover.


^ Remove screws (arrows) holding fresh air vent trim in cowl. — Remove vent trim and screen.

^ Working inside luggage compartment, detach fresh air plenum and blower connections:

• Remove screws (B) holding fresh air blower housing in place.

• Disconnect heater/defroster cable (C) from housing.

• Disconnect fresh air hoses (D) from housing.

• Disconnect electrical harness connector (E).

• Remove retaining screw (F) and pull off large plastic air hose T-fitting.



Remove drain hose (arrow) at bottom of fresh air plenum. — Remove fresh air plenum.

If plenum sticks to cowl, pry carefully to avoid damage to plenum housing.


^ Pry off speed nuts (arrows) used to hold cover in place over steering shaft. (Brake master cylinder/power booster unit shown removed for clarity.)

Open access door in floor behind fuel tank.

Steering universal joints


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