Prior to disconnecting the battery, read the battery disconnection cautions given at the front of this manual on page vii.

^ Working underneath front of car, remove stone guard mounting fasteners (arrow). Remove stone guard.



^ Remove front stabilizer bar mounting clamp bolts (arrow). (Right side shown.)

Remove one end of the stabilizer bar at a time by tapping with a rubber hammer.


Access steering shaft universal joints as described earlier.

• Remove locking nut and bolt (arrow) connecting lower universal joint to steering rack.

• Pull universal off steering rack.

• Remove alien bolts (A) from steering rack shaft support. Remove bracket.

— Remove cotter pins and castle nuts from both outer tie rod ends.

^ Use special tool VW 267 a or equivalent to release tie rod from steering arm. Repeat for other side.

— Remove horn and mounting bracket from front suspension subframe.


^ Remove steering rack mounting bolts (arrows).

— Remove steering rack, being careful not to damage brake lines and A/C lines.

— Installation is reverse of removal. NOTE —

Always replace universal joint lock nuts.

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