Center Console

The hazard warning switch, the rear defogger switch, the central locking main switch, as well as some of the heat-ing/A/C controls are installed in the center console. Access to these, as well as removal of the shifter boot, makes it necessary to partially or completely disassemble the center console.

Accessing Porsche 911 Tunnel

Center console, removing and installing

^ Remove left and right side screws (arrows) securing front cover to center console. (Right side shown; left is similar.) Slide cover forward (toward front of car) off center console.

Accessing Porsche 911 Tunnel


^ Working in front of center console, detach emergency flasher, rear window defogger and power door lock harness connectors (arrow).

Harness connectors are at the front bulkhead to the right of the center tunnel.

^ Remove center console mounting screws.

• Screw on left shown (A). Right side is similar.

• Pull back rug slightly to reveal screw in middle of rear (B).

^ Remove screws (arrows) securing switch supports to center console. (Right side shown; left is similar.)

— Pull off A/C temperature control knob, then remove slotted nut in back and push A/C switch forward out of support.

— Pull switch supports and switches out of console, carefully feeding harnesses into front of console housing.


Do not pull on the A/C temperature control switch. This can damage the temperature sensor conduit.

4 out of 5 switches can be removed together with the switch support assembly. The A/C temperature control switch is attached to the temperature sensor conduit which is inserted into the evaporator in the luggage compartment. The A/C switch must be removed through the front of the console housing.

1984 Porsche 911 Trunk Wiring



1984 911 Carrera Dash Wiring


A/C temperature control switch

^ To get temperature control switch out of switch support, opening in support may have to be enlarged (dotted lines).

— Lift console over shifter and remove.

— Installation is reverse of removal.




Remove switch support retaining screw (arrow).

— Detach wiring harness connectors from switches. Remove switch support assembly from console

Switch supports can be slid apart from each other (arrows) to access and remove different switches.

— Lift console over shifter and remove.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

Lift Support For Porsche 996
Porsche 996 Console Delete

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