Central Locking Service

Door Lock Actuator Disassembly

Central locking components

1. Center console

2. Central locking switch

3. Screw

4. Door lock

5. Microswitch

6. Washer

7. Operating rod

9. Locking clip

10. Lock actuator

11. Support

12. Speed nut

13. Locking device

14. Central locking control module

15. Control module bracket

Central locking control module, replacing

^ The central locking control module (1) is mounted in the right rear of the luggage compartment, directly below the windshield post.

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable.

— Remove nut securing module to inner fender panel.

— Remove module from its mounting stud and disconnect multiple pin connector.

— Installation is reverse of removal.


Support For Microswitch

Door lock cylinder microswitch, removing and installing

The door lock microswitch is attached to the door handle/door lock assembly. It is available as a separate replacement part.

— Close window completely.

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable.

— Remove door panel as described in 570 Doors.

Working from inside door, remove door handle securing nuts (arrows).

— Disconnect microswitch wiring harness from connection at bottom of door.

Porsche 964 Lock Handle

Pull door handle out of door. Use a small screwdriver to carefully pry microswitch off lock mechanism.

— Detach wire tires and remove harness and switch from door.

— Installation is reverse of removal. Use new gaskets between handle and door.

Front door locking actuator, replacing

If just one of the central locking actuators does not operate, the locking linkage could be frozen or stiff. Remove the interior door panel and lubricate the locking linkage.

— Close window completely.

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable.

— Remove door trim panel. See 570 doors.

^ Disconnect actuator connecting rod from door latch ball.

^ Remove actuator mounting screws (arrow) in lower part of door.

— Disconnect wiring harness from connector at bottom of door and remove actuator.

— Installation is reverse of removal.





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Front door locking actuator, adjusting

— Close window completely.

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable.

— Remove locking actuator from door as described earlier. ^ Check connecting rod length (A) and adjust if necessary.

Measure rod length from pin center to ball center. Central Locking Actuator Rod

— Mount actuator on door, but leave mounting screws loose. NOTE—

The bulge of the actuator motor must point toward the front of the car.

— Set door locks to unlocked position.

— Pull actuator all the way down, then slide back up between 2 and 3 mm (0.08 - 0.12 in.). Tighten mounting screws.

— Connect actuator harness connector to locking actuator.

— Check function of door locks.

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