Charging system testing

The tests described here will help determine the cause of charging system trouble. The battery should be fully charged and the alternator V-belt correctly tensioned.

V-belt adjusting shims shown in illustration. See 030 Maintenance.

The charging system warning light should be operating correctly. All electrical connections should be clean and tight. Replace wires that are hard and cracked.

If tests show that the alternator and regulator are operating correctly, but the battery still continually runs down, there may be a short in the electrical system causing a continuous current drain. Remember that the clock and some other components require constant current.

See Static current draw test, earlier in this group.

A general test of charging system output can be made with an accurate digital voltmeter. Such a test is given below. The most accurate testing is done using an alternator and regulator tester that applies a high-current load to the alternator. Conclusive tests using this equipment can be made inexpensively by an authorized Porsche dealer or other qualified shop.

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