Clutch crossshaft bearing update hydraulic operated clutch

On G50 transmission built before April 6,1989, the clutch cross-shaft should be converted to the updated cross-shaft and release fork assembly. The cross-shaft update should be made whenever transmission or clutch repairs are being performed.

On transmissions built from April 6, 1989, this update was part of the factory production.

Clutch Cross-shaft Update Required

• Standard differential up to 950/01 1K 03381

• Limited-slip differential up to 950/01 2K 01159

The cross-shaft update consists of cutting the bearing bores using a special cutter and installing needle bearings into the case. This update requires the following replacement parts:

Parts Required for Cross-shaft Update


Description (no. in illustration)



Bolt (1)

N 010 287 1


Bracket (2)

950 116 713 02


Cover (3)

950 116 725 00


Bearing (4)

999 201 339 00


Release shaft (6)

950116 710 04


Seals (5)

999 113 418 40


Release fork (7)

950 116 086 05


Bearing (8)

999 201 365 00

— Special tools are required to update cross-shaft assembly:

Tools Required for Cross-shaft Update

• Special cutter kit #9292 (Porsche ordering #000 721 929 20)

• ATF lubricant

• Long life bearing grease (Olista® Longtime 3 EP) (Porsche ordering #000 043 024 00)

• Electric drill (variable speed)

— Remove engine and transmission, and separate transmission from engine as described in 101 Engine Removal and Installation.

— Remove clutch release fork from release bearing. Discard release fork and cross-shaft.

— Cut/drill cross-shaft bores in transmission case to accept new bearings:

• Assemble 9292 cutter.

• Use ATF to lubricate cutter and cross-shaft bores in transmission case.

• Set electric drill speed to approximately 500 rpm.

• Slide 9292-3 guide pin into shaft bores in case and cut outer shaft bearing bore (A).

• Change guide pin to 9292-2 and cut inner bearing bore (B). Stop when cutter reaches bottom (increased resistance is noticed).

• Remove burrs from bearing bores. Clean clutch bell-housing.

— Lubricate new cross-shaft bearings with a long life grease. Place inner bearing on cross-shaft and install new bearing into inner bore in case.

^ Install clutch fork on release bearing and hold in place with adhesive tape.

— Assemble transmission and engine.

— Install seal on each end of new cross-shaft. Lubricate outer cross-shaft bearing and install on cross-shaft.

Check seal direction. Refer to instructions with tool kit.

— Thread 6 mm nut approx. 15 mm onto M6X80 bolt.

— Screw 6 mm bolt into threaded end of cross-shaft until nut seats against bearing.

— Insert cross-shaft through bore in transmission case and clutch release fork.

It may be necessary to lightly tap the end of the bolt in order to start the cross-shaft into the release fork.

Porsche 944 Clutch Fork Shaft


— Remove 6 mm bolt. Remove tape holding release fork in place.

— Lubricate outer cross-shaft bearing and install in transmission case.

— Install rubber bearing cover.

— Place cross-shaft bracket in position and install 6 mm bolt.

Tightening torques

• Cross-shaft bracket to transmission case 9 Nm (80 in-lb)

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