Continuity checking

The continuity test can be used to check a circuit or switch. Because most automotive circuits are designed to have little or no resistance, a circuit or part of a circuit can be easily checked for faults using an ohmmeter. An open circuit or a circuit with high resistance will not allow current to flow. A circuit with little or no resistance allows current to flow easily.

Use only a high quality digital ohmmeter having high input impedance when checking electronic components. The internal power source used in most analog (swing-needle) meters can damage solid state components.

Brake light switch being tested for continuity.

• With brake pedal in rest position (switch open) there is no continuity (infinite ohms). With pedal depressed (switch closed) there is continuity (zero ohms).

• When checking continuity, the ignition should be off. On circuits that are powered at all times, the battery should be disconnected. Using the appropriate wiring diagram, a circuit can be easily tested for faulty connections, wires, switches, relays, and engine sensors by checking for continuity.

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