Crankshaft sensors removing and installing

^ Pull out connector locking plate at sensor connectors in left side of engine compartment.

• Detach one or both black connectors.

Reference Sensors 1979 Porsche 911

Remove reference or speed sensor mounting bolt using a 5

mm alien wrench.

' If the sensor is seized in the mounting bracket, remove bracket mounting bolts (arrows). Remove bracket with both sensors to work bench and replace sensor(s) as needed.

♦ Once bracket has been removed, sensor clearance gap must be reset as described below.

When installing sensor mounting bracket, position sensor tip correct distance (A) from toothed wheel using slotted bracket mounting bolt hole (arrow).

Crankshaft Sensor Clearance Specifications

• Sensor tip to toothed wheel (A) 0.08 mm (0.031 in.)

• Tighten sensor mounting bolt.

• Be sure wiring is correctly routed into engine compartment.

• A discarded sensor can be used to set sensor gap. Glue an 0.8 mm washer to tip of used sensor and install temporarily in order to adjust gap.

• When replacing sensors make sure the connectors are not interchanged, and that each sensor is placed in the correct position in the bracket. The bellhousing is marked with a B for reference sensor and a D for speed sensor.

' If the sensors or sensor harness connectors are reversed, the engine will not start.

• Do not overtighten sensor bolt.

Tightening Torque

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