Distributor cap and ignition rotor removing and installing

It is recommended that the cap and rotor be replaced as a set during a major maintenance.

^ To replace cap and rotor, use flat-tipped screwdriver to press down and turn cap hold down pins Va turn each.

— If replacing cap, temporarily leave spark plug wires in old cap.

• Mount new cap on distributor and lock both pins.

• Change over one spark plug wire at a time from old cap to new cap.


To avoid damaging the distributor cap, do not wiggle the connectors when removing the spark plug wires. If necessary, twist to loosen. Then, pull straight out from the cap.

Ignition Timing 911


The cap can only be mounted in one position. Make sure the cap is properly seated before locking the mounting pins.

— To remove rotor, first remove distributor cap. Next pull straight up on rotor to remove it from distributor shaft.

The rotor can only be mounted in one position. Align tab in the rotor shaft with the notch in the distributor shaft and push the rotor into place.

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