Door window adjusting Targa and Cabriolet models

Whenever the window regulator is removed, the window adjustment should be checked. The glass should contact the top of the window frame squarely and should seat against the window seal uniformly. If the window stop is not adjusted correctly the door may become hard to close or wind noise may be a problem.

The window regulator used in the targa and convertible uses to stops for setting window travel.

— Remove door trim panel. See 570 Doors.

^ Lower window until stop bracket is aligned with access hole in door (arrow).

— Loosen bolt securing stop to regulator.

• Move stop forward to raise window height.

• Move bolt backward to lower window height.

• Tighten bolt when adjustment is correct.

^ Loosen bolts (arrows) securing rear regulator guide rail to door panel.

• Move rear of arm up or down in elongated slot (small arrow) to change window parallelism. Tighten bolts when adjustment is correct.

— Install door trim panel.

Porsche 928 Door Panel


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