Electrical Wiring Diagrams



Air Conditioning and Heating 970-45

Anti-Theft 970-56

Back-up Lights 970-67

Central locking 970-37

Charging 970-34

Convertible Top 970-38

Cruise Control 970-59

Defogger 970-53

Engine Oil Cooling Fan 970-32

Engine Management 970-26

Exterior Lights 970-63

Fog Lights 970-69

Ground Distribution 970-14

Headlights 970-71

Horns 970-73

Instrument Panel 970-75

Mirrors 970-91

Power Distribution 970- 2

Power Windows 970-40

Rear Wiper/Washer (1986 - 1989) 970-90

Seats 970-43

Sound Systems 970-83

Starting 970-36

Sunroof 970-39

Warning System 970-85

WiperAA/asher and Headlight Washer 970-87


Relay, fuse and control module positions, ground locations see Repair Group 971


This section contains wiring diagrams for 1984 to 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera vehicles.

• The alarm system is also referred to as the anti-theft system.

• The warning chimes relay is also referred to as the warning relay or the clock relay.

Disconnecting the battery cables erases engine control module (ECM) adaptive memory. It may be necessary to drive the car for approximately 10 minutes after reconnecting the battery to reset ECM adaptive memory and restore normal performance.

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