Engine Removal and Installation


Special tools 101-1



Engine/transmission, removing 101-2

Engine/transmission, installing 101-10

Engine/transmission, separating and rejoining 101-15


Engine mount, removing and installing 101-16

Transmission mount, replacing

(915 transmission-1984-1986) 101-17

Transmission mount, replacing (G50 transmission-1987-1989) 101-17


This repair group covers engine removal and installation. The complete engine/transmission assembly is removed as a single unit through the bottom of the engine bay.

Removal and installation of the engine/transmission assembly is best accomplished by raising the car on an automotive lift. Support the engine/transmission from below using a heavy duty rolling cart. The complete engine with transmission weighs approximately 600 lbs.

Special tools

^ For an alternate removal procedure, some special jack adaptors are recommended to support the engine/transmission assembly. The jack adaptors allow the rear of the engine to pivot down and the engine/transmission assembly to be pulled out from the rear of the vehicle.

Due to risk of personal injury, be sure the engine is cold before beginning the removal procedure.

Special Tools

1984 Porsche 911 Tachometer Removal

Special tool

A 9111 Engine fitting plate

(Porsche ordering #000 721 911 10)

B 9111/1 Adapter

(Porsche ordering #000 721 911 11)

C 9111/2 Support plate

(Porsche ordering #000 721 911 12)

• Cover rear fender surfaces and painted areas surrounding engine bay before beginning removal procedure.

• As an aid to installation, label all components, wires, and hoses before removing them.

• Do not reuse gaskets, O-rings or seals during reassembly.


Engine/transmission, removing

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable and cover battery terminal to keep cable from accidentally contacting battery terminal.

Avoid getting tools or clothing near the battery. Battery electrolyte is a corrosive acid. Always wear eye protection when working on or near the battery.

— Raise vehicle on lift to a comfortable working height to allow access to top of engine.

Be sure vehicle is stable and fully supported on the manufacturer's lift points. Removal of the engine/transmission assembly will upset the balance of the vehicle. Use tall jack stands to support the vehicle at all four corners.

^ Without loosening or disconnecting A/C lines, remove A/C compressor mounting bolts (arrows).

• Disconnect A/C harness connector A.

• Tilt compressor to disconnect drive belt from pulley.

• Swing compressor out of engine compartment onto quarter panel. Rest compressor on suitable pad.

A/C refrigerant hoses and components are under high pressure. Do not loosen, disconnect or damage A/C refrigerant lines or fittings.

> Remove A/C mount fasteners (arrows). Remove mount.

911 Engine Mount Bolts



Porsche 911 Tank Removal


— Remove air filter cover and element from air filter housing.

Disconnect emissions/breather hoses at right side of engine compartment.

• Oil tank breather hoses, top and bottom (A)

• Vacuum line and breather hose from emission control valve (B).

— Disconnect vent hose from rear of air filter housing.

' A spring type clamp is used on one of this hose in place.

^ Remove large plastic elbow tube between heater blower fan on top of engine and heat exchanger feed tub

• Remove coil cover

• Remove bolts holding tube to blower housing, in front (arrow) and at rear of blower housing.

• Loosen hose clamp at heat exchanger end (bottom of elbow) and slide elbow out.

foo 18002"

Electrical Connectors For Porsche

^ Remove cover from electric panel in left side of engine compartment.

• Pull electrical harness sheath off electric panel bracket (2).

• Detach 14-pin harness connector from panel.

Fuel Filter Heater Wrap

foo 18002"

Porsche 911 Engine Wiring Connectors

Remove ground wire mounting bolt (arrow) from intake runner 1.

^ Disconnect harness connectors at left of engine:

• Cylinder head temperature sensor (1)

Later model connector shown in photo. Earlier models may have two connectors to oxygen sensor.

Disconnect hoses in left side of engine compartment. Coun-terhold fuel fittings when loosening.

• Disconnect fuel supply line at top of fuel filter (A).

• Disconnect fuel return line from rear of left side fuel rail (B).

Fuel will be discharged. Wrap a shop towel around fuel line fittings when loosening. Do not smoke or work around heaters or other fire hazards. Keep an approved fire extinguisher handy.

• Disconnect power brake vacuum hose (C).

Saab Brake Line Flanged Ends


1984 Porsche 911 Mirror Wiring


Disconnect engine wiring harness connectors:

• Multi-pin harness near left rear shock tower(A)

• Throttle position switches (C)

Disconnect cruise control cable from vacuum module at rear left of engine compartment:

• Remove screws holding cable end flange to vacuum diaphragm. Pull out end flange.

• Squeeze plastic retainer clip and push forward to release cable.

^ Working inside passenger compartment, remove floor mats at rear of center tunnel.

Slide driver's seat forward to gain access to rear center tunnel.

• Remove access cover.

• Disconnect wires for speedometer sender (arrows). Push wires through bulkhead.

• On 1984 -1986 models: Pull back rubber boot on shift linkage. Loosen 4 mm alien screw and pull shift rod out of shift coupler.

Accessing Porsche 911 TunnelPorsche 911 1984 Shift Linkage


Accessing Porsche 911 Tunnel

— Raise vehicle to gain access to bottom of engine.

^ On 1987 - 1989 models: Working underneath car, push back rubber boot covering shift coupling.

• Remove hex bolt (arrow) and push coupling forward off transmission selector shaft.

Throttle Ball Joint

^ Disconnect accelerator pull rod ball-joint end (arrow) from throttle relay lever on left side of transmission.

Remove clutch cable or clutch fluid supply hose retaining bracket (arrow).

Porsche 915 Clutch Release Lever

Once the clutch release lever passes a certain point, the auxiliary spring will force the release lever forward. Keep fingers and hands clear when pressing lever forward.

On 1984 - 1986 models: Remove clutch release lever:

• Loosen clutch cable mounting nuts and remove cable from boss (1) and then disconnect cable from release lever (2).

• Disconnect spring on positioning lever (3), remove circlip from lever (4), and slide lever off splined end of clutch cross-shaft.

^ On 1984 - 1986 models: Use large screwdriver to press clutch release lever forward. Remove release lever from clutch cross-shaft.

On 1987 - 1989 models: Working above driver's side of transmission, remove clutch slave cylinder mounting nuts (arrows). Remove slave cylinder from transmission and support from body using stiff wire.


Do not operate clutch pedal with clutch slave cylinder removed.

1984 Porsche Wiring


1984 Porsche Wiring


— Drain crankcase oil.

^ Remove drain plug (A) and drain oil from oil tank. Disconnect oil lines (B). Counterhold line fitting when loosening.

^ Remove rear stabilizer bar.

• Unbolt stabilizer bracket bolts (arrows) at left and right sides and lower bar out of car (left side shown).

— Disconnect wiring from starter motor.

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1984 Porsche Wiring


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