Expansion valve replacing

— Following manufacturer's instructions, connect an approved refrigerant recovery/recycling/recharging unit to A/C system and remove refrigerant.

Do not discharge/charge the A/C system without proper equipment and training. Damage to the vehicle and personal injury may result. Read warnings and cautions given earlier.

Remove evaporator temperature sensor duct support from expansion valve and gently push duct away from valve.

Remove insulating tape (A) from expansion valve.

Disconnect refrigerant connections (B) from expansion valve and remove valve.

Installation is reverse of removal.

• Be sure there is sufficient oil in evaporator. See table below.

• Before recharging, evacuate system for at least 30 minutes

• Recharge system following equipment manufacturer's instructions.

1987 911 Drier Evaporator


Always replace O-rings when reconnecting refrigerant lines.

Tightening Torques

• Refrigerant lines to expansion valve or evaporator

A/C System Capacities


Oil capacity

Refrigerant (R-12): Total system capacity

1350 gr. (47 oz.)

A/C lubricating oil: Compressor Evaporator Condensers Receiver/dryer

50 gr. (2.0 oz) 40 gr. (1.6 oz.) 20 gr. (0.8 oz.) 10 gr. (0.4 oz.)

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