Fender removing and installing

— Remove front bumper. See 630 Bumpers.

— Peel up rubber hood seal on side to be repaired.

^ Remove screw securing headlight ring (arrow) and remove ring.

Ashtray Removal Lincoln Town Car

^ Remove headlight assembly screws (arrows). Disconnect electrical plugs and remove headlight assembly.

— Remove wiring connectors from headlight harness plug.

— Withdraw wiring harness from headlight bucket.

— Working inside headlight bucket, remove fender mounting bolt (M8).

Fender Porsche Fasteners

^ Left fender only:

• Disconnect cable from lid release (A).

• Pry out retaining ring from fuel filler neck sealing bellows (B).

• Remove filler neck bracket bolts (C).

• Working at underside of fender, disconnect washer fluid hose from hose tube.

Repair Porsche 944 Front Fender



— Working inside wheel housing, remove mounting bolts (qty. 6) along fender vertical.

Open door fully. Remove two screws below windshield (arrows).

Working from inside wheel housing, remove upper screws securing fender extension to fender (arrows).


1985 Porsche Hood Cable Bracket

— Remove screws securing rubber bumper cover to fender.

Working inside luggage compartment, remove mounting bolts along fender edge (arrows).

— When removing right side fender, remove upper bolt from the oil cooler bracket.

— Carefully separate fender from body and remove.

— When installing new fender, clean off old sealant and protective coating from body mounting surface.

— Replace all gaskets and seals.


— Position fender in place and loosely install all mounting bolts. Align fender correctly with door and windshield pillar (A-pillar), then tighten bolts.

— Remainder of installation is the reverse of removal. Align panel so that even gaps exists at all joints. Repair any paint damage and paint any exposed metal.

Fender gaps

• Wheel housing to top edge of fender 17 mm (0.67")

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