Front bumper removing and installing

— Remove parking light lens.

^ Remove screw securing reflectors to parking light lens assembly. Disconnect wiring harness from reflectors and remove reflectors from left and right sides.

— Remove fog lights. See 940 Exterior Lighting.

— Working through foglight openings, withdraw parking light wiring harnesses from rear of parking light housings.

^ Remove screw from end of protective bumper strip on left (arrow) and right sides.

Harness Rear Foglight Porsche 911

Remove protective strip by carefully prying out clips on rear of strip.

Have 7 trim snaps and plugs on hand in case they break when being removed.

Porsche 911 Bumper Bellows

^ Working behind bumper, remove nuts (arrows) securing bumper bellows to fenders on left and right sides.

— Pull bumper bellows out so that studs clear fender. Wrap studs with tape to prevent damaging painted surfaces.

^ Remove bumper securing nuts and washers from left and right sides. Left side shown (arrows).

— Remove bumper by sliding straight off.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

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