Front wheel bearings replacing

— Loosen front wheel lug nuts. Raise front of car and support it securely.

Make sure the car is stable and well supported at all times. Use a professional automotive lift or jack stands designed for the purpose. A floor jack is not adequate support.

— Press brake pedal down about 1 in. and hold in place with a pedal stop.

Holding the brake pedal down will prevent brake fluid from dripping out of open brake lines while the work is being performed.

^ Working in wheel housing, disconnect electrical connector for brake pad wear sensor (A) and remove harness from clip on strut body.

— Disconnect rubber brake hose (B) from line near bottom of strut. Plug open lines.

Always counterhoid brake line fittings when loosening or tightening.

— Remove caliper mounting bolts and remove caliper. See 470 Brakes-Hydraulic.

— Carefully pry off grease cap in center of bearing hub.

^ Loosen 6 mm alien clamp screw in wheel bearing lock nut. Remove lock nut.

— Slide brake rotor and bearing hub straight off axle. NOTE —

If necessary, rock the brake rotor side-to-side to aid removal of the thrust washer and outer wheel bearing.

Porsche 911 Front Rotor


Racing Wheel Center Hub And Nut


^ Remove grease seal and inner wheel bearing from bearing hub.

^ Using drift, drive wheel bearing outer races from bearing hub.

• Note cutouts (arrows) in bearing hub provided for this purpose.

- Heat bearing hub to 120° -150°C (250° - 300°F). Press new races into hub.

• Use special tool VW 447h to press outer bearing race.

• Use special tool VW 447i to press inner bearing race.

— Pack wheel bearings with lithium-based wheel bearing grease. Lightly coat bearing races and hub with grease.

Proper packing of wheel bearings is essential for long bearing service life. Use a wheel bearing packing tool if available.

^ Place inner wheel bearing in race and press in new inner seal using special tool VW 433.

— Apply grease to gap between sealing lips on inner seal.

— Slide bearing hub with rotor and bearings onto stub axle. Use caution to avoid damaging grease seal.

— Install outer wheel bearing, thrust washer and wheel bearing lock nut. Tighten lock nut while rotating brake rotor.

— Adjust wheel bearing play as described earlier. Tighten wheel bearing lock nut clamp screw to specifications. Re-check tightness of thrust washer.

Tightening Torque

• Wheel bearing lock nut clamp screw (M8) 15 Nm (11 ft-lb)

— Fill grease cap with 10 grams of grease and install.

Replace Front Bearings


F250 Front Hub Thrust Washers


Front wheel bearings

Lock Washer Torque Spec


1. Bearing lock nut 5. Bearing hub

2. Thrust washer 6. Inner race, inner bearing

3. Outer bearing 7. Inner bearing

4. Inner race, outer bearing 8. Grease seal


1. Bearing lock nut 5. Bearing hub

2. Thrust washer 6. Inner race, inner bearing

3. Outer bearing 7. Inner bearing

4. Inner race, outer bearing 8. Grease seal

Front wheel bearings

— Remainder of installation is reverse of removal.

Tightening Torque

• Brake caliper to strut housing (M12)____70 Nm (52 ft-lb)


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