Fuel delivery volume testing

^ Disconnect return line from fuel rail in engine compartment.

To prevent fuel from spraying on a hot engine, system pressure should be relieved before disconnecting fuel lines. One method is to tightly wrap a shop towel around a fuel line fitting and loosen or disconnect the fitting

— Connect a length of hose with female fitting (M14 x 1.5) to fitting on fuel rail and place open end of hose in a suitable container for catching fuel (2-quart capacity).

— Run fuel pump for exactly 30 seconds as described earlier under Operating fuel pump for tests and measure fuel collected. Compare to specification in Table c.

Delivery volume will vary depending on battery voltage, be sure the battery is fully charged for the most accurate test results.

— When finished testing, reconnect fuel line. Tighten all hose clamps.

Table c. Fuel Pump Delivery Volume

Delivery condition

Delivery rate

30 seconds @ 12V

0.850 liter (0.90 qt.)

Fuel pump replacement is covered in 201 Fuel Supply.

Fuel pump replacement is covered in 201 Fuel Supply.


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