Gaskets and seals

Gaskets should not be reused. Once a gasket has been used, it is no longer capable of making as good a seal as when new, and is much more likely to leak. For this reason, Always plan to use new gaskets for any reassembly. Some gaskets are directional. Make sure that these are installed correctly. This same logic applies to any part used for sealing, including rubber O-rings and copper sealing washers.

In places where a shaft must pass through a housing, flexible lip seals are used to keep the lubricating oil or grease from leaking out past the rotating shaft. Seals should never be reused once they have been removed. When removing a seal, be careful not to scratch or otherwise damage the metal surfaces.

When installing a new seal, it a good idea to coat the seal with oil to aid installation. Some seals are directional and special installation instructions apply. Make sure a seal is installed with the lip facing the correct way. Normally the lip faces the inside. Note the installation direction of the old seal before removing it.

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