This repair group covers fuse, relay, control module and ground location information. Electrical equipment and accessories installed varies depending on model year. To confirm that the proper electrical component has been identified, refer to 970 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.

Special tool

A Fluke 87 Automotive digital multimeter

8 1115 LED tester with thin spade probes

(source: Baum Tools Unlimited)

Special Tools

• Relay and fuse positions are subject to change and may vary from car to car. If questions arise, an authorized Porsche dealer is the best source for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

• A good way to verify a relay position is to compare the wiring colors at the relay socket to the colors indicated on the wiring diagrams located at the rear of this manual.

• Always switch the ignition off and remove the negative (-) battery cable before removing any electrical components.

• Prior to disconnecting the battery, read the battery disconnection cautions given at the front of this manual on page viii.

• Connect and disconnect ignition system wires, multiple connectors, and ignition test equipment leads only while the ignition is switched off.

• Only use a digital multimeter for electrical tests.

Test equipment

^ Electrical and electronic automotive components require the use of low impedance test equipment.

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