Heat exchanger control cable replacing and adjusting

The heat exchanger valve on each side is held open by a spring. Closing of the valves is controlled by a cable attached to the temperature control module or control lever.

— Raise rear of car and support it securely..

Make sure the car is stable and well supported at all times. Use a professional automotive lift or jack stands designed for the purpose. A floor jack is not adequate support.

Working underneath car, disconnect cable ends (arrow) from heat exchanger valves. (Left side shown. Right is similar.)

One cable is looped and used to connect the control module to both heat exchanger valves.

— Working inside passenger compartment, remove heater control module housing as described earlier.

^ Remove lock nut (arrow) from heater lever mounting nut at base of parking brake lever.

— Remove heater lever and pull heater cable out of guide tubes.

— Install new cable on heater control lever.

— Install cable into right and left guide tubes.

— Reinstall heater control lever and nut.

— Push heater control lever forward to stop.



^ Install cable ends into heat exchanger valve attachment pins (arrow) and tighten set screws on left and right sides.

— Reinstall heater control module housing and attach servo control rod.

— Check heater operation. Reinstall seat.

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