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Cars with discharged or dead batteries can be jump-started from another car. When jump-starting the engine, always note the following warnings.

— Place cars close together, but do not allow them to touch each other. Turn off engine of car with good battery.

^ Open luggage compartment lid and locate battery (arrow) on left hand side of luggage compartment.

• Battery acid (electrolyte) can cause severe burns, and will damage the car and clothing. If electrolyte is spilled, wash the surface with large quantities of water. If it gets into eyes, flush them with water for several minutes and call a doctor.

• Batteries produce explosive and noxious gasses. Keep sparks and flames away. Do not smoke near batteries.

• Do not jump-start the engine if you suspect that the battery is frozen. Trapped gas may explode. Allow the battery to thaw first.

• Do not quick-charge the battery (for boost starting) for longer than one minute, and do not exceed 15 volts at the battery with the boosting cables attached. Wait at least one minute before boosting the battery a second time.

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^ Connect one end of positive (+) cable to positive (+) post of good battery (1). Connect other end of positive (+) cable to positive (+) post of dead battery (2).

— Connect one end of negative (-) cable to negative (-) battery post of good battery (3). Connect opposite end of negative cable (-) to engine block of car with dead battery (4).

— Start car with good battery and run engine at about 2,000 rpm, then start car with dead battery.

— With engine at idle, carefully disconnect jumper cables, starting with negative cable on engine block.

The engine should be run for at least an hour to recharge the battery.

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