Leakdown test

The most conclusive diagnosis of low compression symptoms requires a leak-down test. Using a special tester and a supply of compressed air, each cylinder is pressurized. The rate at which the air leaks out of the cylinder, as well as where the air leaks out, can accurately pinpoint the magnitude and location of the leakage. Any engine compression diagnosis that will require major disassembly should first be confirmed by the more accurate leak-down test. Because the test requires special equipment and experience, it may be desirable to have it done by a Porsche dealer or other qualified repair shop.


Most maintenance can be accomplished with a small selection of the right tools. Tools range in quality from inexpensive junk, which may break at first use, to very expensive and well-made tools for the professional.

Many reputable tool manufacturers offer good quality, moderately priced tools with a lifetime guarantee. These are your best buy. They cost a little more, but they are good quality tools that will do what is expected of them.

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