frcm tachometer (diagram 1 of 2)


-> interior lights systeu


indicator lamp y/RÍ

battery charge indicator indicator lamp oil pressure indicator


-> interior lichts systeu

oil temperature cauce instrument cluster :

illumination reserve light

- interior lights system ground screw luggage compartment

8rn/blu brniwht brn 5,


— iêat selt parking brake brake pad wear warning light

pressure sender unit

parking 8rake contact oil pressure switch oil temperature sensor ground screw luggage 'ih -compartment

brake fluid level warning switch fuel level gauge y/RÍ

oil level gauge instrument cluster ii grouno screw luggage



nca nca brn

nca^ nca i nca ground screw luggage compartment fuel sender unit ground screw engine compartment (right)

oil level switch left front right front right rear left rear brake pad brake pad 8rake pad brake pad wear sensor wear sensor wear sensor wear sensor

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