Pedal cluster disassembling and reassembling hydraulic operated clutch

Remove and clean pedal cluster assembly before starting to disassemble.

— Support pedal cluster in soft jawed vise.

Drive out shaft roll pins (arrows). Support shaft to prevent deformation of pedal cluster housing.

Use 4 mm pin punch (Automotion special tool no. TL-4600) to drive out dowel pins.

— Remove clutch pedal and cross-shaft.

^ Remove bearing tube from brake pedal base. Remove brake pedal and brake pedal return spring.

Remove servo spring shaft.

Hydraulic Operated Clutch


Brake Clutch Pedal Cluster Porsche 911


1. Clutch master cylinder

2. Bushing

3. Clutch servo spring shaft

4. Clutch servo spring

5. Eccentric cam and nut

6. Servo spring lever

7. Pins

8. Clutch servo spring links

9. Locking clips

10. Locking clip

11. Clutch pedal cross-shaft

12. Clutch cross-shaft inner end

13. Bushing

14. Clutch master cylinder bellcrank

15. Dowel pin

16. Brake pedal return spring

17. Bushing

18. Bushing

19. Brake pedal

20. Bushing

21. Brake pedal support tube

22. Bushing

23. Dowel pin

24. Clutch pedal

25. Pedal cluster housing

26. Servo spring support pin

27. Pedal cluster side brace

28. Washer

29. Bolt

Pedal cluster assembly hydraulic operated 24 clutch (1987-1989)


Hydraulic Operated Clutch


^ Replace clutch cross-shaft support bushings (arrows).

• Note orientation of bushings in photo.

• Nylon replacement bushings are available from the Porsche dealer parts department. More durable brass bushings may be available from aftermarket sources.


Cross Shaft Clutch Position

Install servo spring (arrow) with lever to pedal bracket. Tightening Torque

^ Install brake pedal and support tube along with brake pedal spring (arrows) into bracket.

— Reassemble clutch pedal assembly:

• Hold clutch master cylinder bellcrank in installed position and insert clutch pedal and cross-shaft into pedal cluster housing and through bellcrank. Install dowel pin.

• Install cross-shaft inner end and install locking pin.

Take care to install clutch pedal assembly parts in the correct orientation.

^ Attach clutch servo spring links to clutch master cylinder bellcrank with pins and locking clips (arrows).

— Install cluster in car.

Tightening Torque

• Pedal cluster bracket to body 17 Nm (12 ft-lb)

Cross Shaft Clutch Position


Porsche 911 Pedal Support


Hydraulic Clutch Reservoir 911 Porsche

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